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- Episode 11 - STEFANO

- Episode 11 - STEFANO


Back once again with the skin fade master..

Yes it is time to chat to that man Stefano of Rocket Walthamstow. Renowned for some pretty damn filthy cuts down E17 way...

Here we go:

RAG: Stefano. Buongiorno. When did you first join us here at the E17 Rocket?

STEFANO: Well I first started in October last year..

R: So you were here from day one of this shop in Walthamstow?

S: Yeah the very first day. The first one.

R: So for our readers, who else was here from the beginning setting up shop?

S: Well obviously the boss Ang… and me. Just two.

R: So before that in Italy, Sardinia to be precise, you used to have your own barbershop?

S: Yeah in my beginning.

R: So how did you end up working in this part of the world? You live nearby. Did you just walk past and see it?

S: No just because London is such an easy place to find out everything that matters. I heard about it from Robbie (Rocket Peckham boss).

R: So you knew him before?

S: Of course. I was a customer in the first place. I was his customer in Hackney Road when he was cutting there.

R: Excellent. And we can all see that being a barber means a lot to you. You serve up pretty relentless quality in your chair…

S: Barbering is like my art. A passion yeah.


R: And what is it exactly that makes you love being a barber?

S: I suppose if you are a good chef or mechanic you are just born into it and realize that is your path. But you need luck to find that out. So I guess I am a lucky one.

R: We can see from your haircuts in the shops and on our social media you know what you are doing. What would you say makes a very very good haircut?

S: It helps if the customer is great and let’s the barber give advice and chance to make a masterpiece haha… Let me use the tools like a paintbrush. Then there will be no problems.

R: Sounds fair. And you are also interested in making your own barber aprons. We can see you are wearing one now. Was it made by yourself?

S: This is my new idea for this year so… To make some of these self-made aprons based on vintage style barbers.

R: What materials do you make them with then?

S: Salvaged denim. Copper clips. Old leather straps. I do all the cutting. My girlfriend does all the stitching! This first one took 3 hours. Hope we will get quicker.

R: They look mint. Good work mate. And you also really take care of your tools and keep them up to date. Any particular favourite?

S: My favourite one is the Blue Avocado custom scissors. Lethal.

R: So quickly outside of the shop you seem to dress with a skater influence and always roll around on your low rider. How would you describe your style?

S: Custom. Like as much custom or self-made stuff as possible. Including the bike. Self-made cruiser. Low rider. It sits in window of the shop and people ask how much it was. But it will never be for sale. Never.

R: We know that you’re serious. Never mess with your barber.

Stefano and his mean haircuts can be found on his Instagram: @stefanrocketbarber

And remember we have shops in Walthamstow, Peckham, Stoke Newington and on Hackney Road... with Rocket Leyton about to open very soon!


Take it easy for now,

Rocket x

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