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- Episode 17 - WILL

We are now on Episode 17 of the Rocket Rag.. there's plenty more on the way though.. This time we grill Will 'The Prospect' Bartlett about his current barber status and why he chooses to sacrifice every Saturday of his life to hang around with the hoodlums down at Hackney Road.. ROCKET: Alright Big Will.. WILL: Alright.. R: On the old Instagram you are still known as Will 'The Prospect'.. Do you think that's appropriate? We all see you as part of the Rocket crew.. and you were even with us at the Christmas Party.. a very limited guest list.....

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- Episode 16 - LAURA+STEF

  It's the first 'Rocket Rag' of 2018 and this episode is a tag team effort featuring two of Peckham's finest mop choppers.. It's Laura & Stef..    ROCKET: Yo yo.. It's good to catch up with you both. So first things first ladies.. When did you start barbering? LAURA: For me it was about 4 years ago. STEF: I started barbering about 2 years ago but been in the industry for about 17 years! R: 17 years. Decent shift. So we are pleased to have you on board with us now at Rocket. Especially considering the other hoodlum barbers down in Peckham.....

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- Episode 15 - MANOLI

  These Rocket Rag episodes have been racking up and we are now on numero 15. This time is the turn of Hackney Road hoodlum Emanuele also known to locals as Mr Manoli.. ROCKET: First of all, your nickname is Manoli. Where does that come from? MANOLI: Erm basically it’s my Greek name. Me and Yanis are big friends. R: Should have guessed it had something to with El Greco. But you’re not from Greece yourself are you? M: No I’m from Italy. A region called Abruzzo. From a small village. R: So a lot of the Rocket Squad hail from Italy...

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- Episode 14 - JAMES

Welcome back to The Rag.. This episode focuses on Stokey manager Mr James Morgan aka Mo aka @moeychops RAG: So we're here with Stokey Mo. Alright mate. First of all, how long have you been at the Stoke Newington shop? JAMES: Just under two years. R: And were you barbering before that? J: Yeah so I moved to London three years ago and then worked for a company in Bethnal Green, actually close to the first shop (Rocket Hackney Road). And then got the opportunity to work here and couldn't pass it up. Simple as that. R: Now some of the barbers in...

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- Episode 13 - YANIS

We head down to ole Hackney Road for this episode and to get the lowdown on one of the newest members of the Rocket Mob: Yanis the Greek.. Already a Rocket favourite. So we asked him about a few things and this is how it turned out: RAG: Hello Yanis. First of all do you have any nicknames at all? As we've heard you being called a couple of things around the shop. YANIS: Hello there. So yeah my actual name is Yanis. But people normally call me The Greco. Or The Greek.. R: Or Erazorhead. Or The Peacemaker. Y: Yeah they are true.....

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