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- Episode 10 - BON JOVI

- Episode 10 - BON JOVI

A Happy 2017 to you all from the Rocket Family.. And The Rag...

Joining us for the first episode of the new year is Hackney Road (wannabe) rock star Bon Jovi. Rumour has it that his actual name is Emanuele or something like that..

Obviously this character likes his music quite a bit and plays his guitar on nearly every work break so let's hear what he had to say for himself...

RAG: So your barber chair is right next to the jukebox which can cause a bit of controversy from time to time. Have you ever faced any problems with other barbers due to your musical tastes?

BON JOVI: Yeah from time to time. And in the beginning of Rocket a long time ago with Vinnie and the others. They said my music had to be a little more bluesy, country style. I was just playing all Bon Jovi and similar 80s rock. My nickname came from that...

R: Yeah most people round here seem to think that is your real name. So you have always been based at the Hackney Road shop right?

B: I've always been working in Hackney Road. Maybe one day Peckham. Two days Stoke Newington. But only here now. For about two years. Almost. 

R: So what do you think is the best thing about Hackney Road Rocket?

B: It's that we are all very good friends. We interact with each other while we are working. Not only with the customers but colleagues and stuff. Fighting for the music and it's quite a funny environment.

R: OK. So what is the worst thing about Hackney Road Rocket?

B: I suppose when it gets really busy as it's quite a small space. But that's easy to get used to. I like this shop a lot.

R: So what are the styles of music that you listen to?

B: I'd say Bon Jovi's style of music is quite rock'n'roll. Like Rolling Stones. And obviously some Bon Jovi. Best band ever. And yeah blues. I like to play a lot of blues. Blues, rock'n'roll and hard rock. That is Rocket style here. Not so much country any more.

R: Well you seem to enjoy yourself in the shop and choosing the music even if not everyone always agrees. How long have you been in London in total then?

B: It's 4 years so far. It's not that long but it's still a bit of time. 

R: And where are you from originally?

B: I'm from Italy my friend. Rome.

R: Two big hitters. London and Rome. So what's the difference?

B: London. There's everything you need in London. Rome in the winter is quite dead. London is still awake. There's people coming all the time. In Rome, not as many people come and hang around the barber shop in the winter. They hang at home. London is always busy.

R: So you always have a guitar close by. Or barber tools. We won't ask you to choose which you like best. Do you make your own music?

B: Yeah I make my own music. I'm a songwriter. Singer first, and after, guitarist. I have 10 years of singing and 6 years of guitar. But trying to make a good piece of music like a masterpiece is like doing a really good haircut. Takes a lot of time and pride manually. Got to live what you do. It's my art.

R: Deep stuff pal. To conclude, what are your top memories of being at Rocket then?

B: The best memories are always after work when you go for a drink with colleagues or when you hang out with all the teams like the Christmas party we just had. That's the best part of Rocket.

Definitely a character. Ole Bon Jovi of Hackney Road. His Instagram is: em_bonj

And if he is not by his barber chair or defending the jukebox, he will be at the back strumming his guitar. Or telling each customer their haircut costs "one thousand pounds"...


Next episode will be along in a few weeks...

Stay tuned,

Rocket x


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