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- Episode 9 - MIKA

- Episode 9 - MIKA



This latest Rocket Rag episode catches up with Hackney Road maverick Mika 
aka Mr Micky Steel...

Let's hear what he had to offer:

RAG: Thanks for having a quick chat today Mika. So you have been with Rocket for a while now...

MIKA: Yeah I started in Rocket four years ago. On and off because, er, I've been on some other adventures. But they've always been very kind to take me back all the time.

R: But you have been more on than off?

M: Yeah more on than off and I'll be now staying on for a while...

R: So the customers will hear your interesting accent. What is your background? Where are you from originally?

M: Well I grew up in France as my Mum is French. And my Dad is from Newcastle which gives me a little Geordie mixed with posh south of France I guess.

R: So you've been on a few escapades but now you seem settled in London...

M: Yes I love London. I live on Brick Lane...

R: Good good. Why do choose to live on Brick Lane then out of everywhere?

M: Oh man. Listen I have lived in a lot of places in London and there are a lot of tw@ts. But the tw@ts that live in East London are actually pretty funny so it's entertaining.


R: We think we know what you mean. So have you been a barber the whole time you have been in London?

M: Yeah I started when I came here in 2008. But I only became, how to say, a superstar barber when I started here at Rocket.

R: Kind words..

M: Yeah I worked at some other cheap barbershops but Rocket showed me the proper way to do it.

R: Cool. I will put you on the spot now. So what is the proper way of barbering according to Micky Steel?

M: The proper way is to treat the gentleman like he is having the fucking haircut of his life. 

R: Not just for the special customers?

M: No. Every time. All the time. Make all of them feel special. And can I just add an extra little comment?

R: Sure. Go ahead...

M: Sometimes I may have like a cross bitch face and I may come across to some customers as being a bit bitchy sometimes. I'm having a great time. Honestly. I'm just concentrating. I'm not a bitch. If I seem rude sometimes, I still love you.

R: I'm sure the customers won't mind too much if you scowl now and again if they get the haircut of a lifetime. Any more comments you'd like to share with the crowd? About what you get up to away from the shop maybe?

M: I can't say all of that. I can't tell you say 20% of things I do in London. Let's say I move around a lot and meet a lot of new people. 

R: Finished?

M: Oh no. There's something I'd like to point out too. I'd like to point out I was the first queer working for Rocket Barbershop alright. I came here first. No discussion. The queer who became the Queen of Hackney Road.

R: Heard loud and clear. Say no more. 


Cheers Mika!

You can find him and follow his adventures on Instagram: @micky_steel 


Until the next episode,

Rocket x




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