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The Rocket Peckham Mannequin Challenge *click to watch*

The Rocket Peckham boys frozen in time riding the mannequin challenge fad. Yeah, we like this one. Stay tuned for more videos of us standing still in the other shops...

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- Episode 8 - DAVE

Back once again... It's the Rocket Rag.. And we are already on Episode 8.. A slightly more emotionally charged edition this time though as we give a tip of the hat to Peckham Dave who is moving back to his beloved hometown. As we are loyal to our own at Rocket, we thought this could be a decent gesture to say adios.. For now..     RAG: Yes Dave. First question for you. Bit of a standard one. When did you first get into barbering? DAVE: Around 2006. I started messing with a doll's head and doing dreadlocks and stuff. So that was...

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- Episode 7 - KRISS

  It's that time again and this Rocket Rag episode focuses on our trusted ally Kriss from the original Hackney Road shop..   Here's what our French comrade had to say: RAG: Good day Kriss or bonjour. Whichever you prefer. How long have you been working with the filthy fiends down at Rocket? KRISS: Two years and a half. It's gone by fast..   R: And what were you doing before that?  K: Barber.. R: This could take a while. But nice answer.  K: Barber for life.   R: Good man. Where are you from then? K: I'm from Toulouse in the south of France.    R: And what would you say...

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- Episode 6 - JOSH

The Rocket Rag is back and this episode focuses on Walthamstow stalwart Josh After initially working at our Hackney Road shop, he is now over handling business at our E17 Rocket..   Here's what he had to say:   RAG: Yes Josh. So how long have you been one of the Rocket Barbers? JOSH: Coming up to around 12 months now. Since September last year I have been part of Rocket...   R: And now you are here at the Walthamstow shop after being at Hackney Road. What do you think is different? J: The people in the Walthamstow shop are a lot cooler than the Hackney...

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- Episode 5 - SPENCER

Welcome back to the Rocket Rag online.. For this edition, we ventured down to the southern pastures of Peckham Rye to chat to our man Spencer aka Flash Harry.. Rag: Good day to you sir. Looking sharp with your new short trim.. Spencer: Thought I'd change things up for the summer time.   R: You must be glad that although you are the oldest member of the Rocket Peckham team you're also the only one with any hair..   S: I've got the hair but they've got definitely got some nice hats!       R: Can't argue with that. So along with Robbie, you...

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