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- Episode 13 - YANIS

We head down to ole Hackney Road for this episode and to get the lowdown on one of the newest members of the Rocket Mob: Yanis the Greek.. Already a Rocket favourite. So we asked him about a few things and this is how it turned out: RAG: Hello Yanis. First of all do you have any nicknames at all? As we've heard you being called a couple of things around the shop. YANIS: Hello there. So yeah my actual name is Yanis. But people normally call me The Greco. Or The Greek.. R: Or Erazorhead. Or The Peacemaker. Y: Yeah they are true.....

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- Episode 12 - MANU

 New episode. New barber. New tales.. This time we have a quick chat with that Rocket maverick Mr Jose Manuel Garcia Garcia of Walthamstow who is better known as simply Manu.. RAG: So Manu, you started working for Rocket a while back.. then you left for a bit… and now you have come back… so in the middle bit what did you do? MANU: Well I went back to Spain. I had a little time for myself and I was working for a guy in Seville who had a barbershop, very similar to Rocket but in the Spanish way. For...

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- Episode 11 - STEFANO

  Back once again with the skin fade master.. Yes it is time to chat to that man Stefano of Rocket Walthamstow. Renowned for some pretty damn filthy cuts down E17 way... Here we go: RAG: Stefano. Buongiorno. When did you first join us here at the E17 Rocket? STEFANO: Well I first started in October last year.. R: So you were here from day one of this shop in Walthamstow? S: Yeah the very first day. The first one. R: So for our readers, who else was here from the beginning setting up shop? S: Well obviously the boss...

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- Episode 10 - BON JOVI

A Happy 2017 to you all from the Rocket Family.. And The Rag... Joining us for the first episode of the new year is Hackney Road (wannabe) rock star Bon Jovi. Rumour has it that his actual name is Emanuele or something like that.. Obviously this character likes his music quite a bit and plays his guitar on nearly every work break so let's hear what he had to say for himself... RAG: So your barber chair is right next to the jukebox which can cause a bit of controversy from time to time. Have you ever faced any problems with other...

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- Episode 9 - MIKA

    This latest Rocket Rag episode catches up with Hackney Road maverick Mika  aka Mr Micky Steel... Let's hear what he had to offer: RAG: Thanks for having a quick chat today Mika. So you have been with Rocket for a while now... MIKA: Yeah I started in Rocket four years ago. On and off because, er, I've been on some other adventures. But they've always been very kind to take me back all the time. R: But you have been more on than off? M: Yeah more on than off and I'll be now staying on for a while... R: So the customers will...

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