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- Episode 8 - DAVE

- Episode 8 - DAVE

Back once again... It's the Rocket Rag.. And we are already on Episode 8..

A slightly more emotionally charged edition this time though as we give a tip of the hat to Peckham Dave who is moving back to his beloved hometown. As we are loyal to our own at Rocket, we thought this could be a decent gesture to say adios.. For now..



RAG: Yes Dave. First question for you. Bit of a standard one. When did you first get into barbering?

DAVE: Around 2006. I started messing with a doll's head and doing dreadlocks and stuff. So that was more hairdressing to start with to be honest with you..


R: Messing around with doll heads in your free time. Won't pry any further. What were you up to before that then?

D: Doing like retail, sales kind of stuff. And then, erm, previous to that I was an athlete.


R: Seriously though. We do know, and have seen, that you are in to your parkour and downhill biking away from the shop. And you were in a band too yeah? We've managed to track down some pictures of you in action. Please explain..


D: Been in a couple like to be fair. There was this heavy metal band I was in that was quite tongue-in-cheek.

R: What was the name of that one?

D: Horrorcaused. We used to dress like zombies and random stuff on stage. My alter ego was to wear a gimp mask for some reason..


R: My word. Bit of a hellraiser on our hands. Speaking of such, most of Peckham Rye know you as the guy who comes roaring to work on your bike. A Harley is it?

D: Yeah that one is a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster. Wake up half of south London on my way to the shop. Enjoy that..

R: A true renegade. So bikes take up a lot of your free time? You seem to know your shit.

D: Yeah to ride every day is what I love to do. Clears the old mind. I do mountain biking too as we said and fitness work like weights and stuff which is pretty good like. Been doing all this for a few years now so all good.



R: Excellent. From your accent you are definitely not from round these sides.  So for the readers, where are you from then mate? 

D: I'm from a very special and quite exotic place in the northern hemisphere. It's called Liverpool.



R: Do you find London superior or inferior to such a wonderful place?

D: Well London is bigger and has a lot more going for it. But obviously I'm going to say where I'm from is better in my opinion. That's just the way I am. Very proud of my roots.


R: So to finish up Dave, you've noticeably got a few tattoos knocking about as we've seen on the pictures on Rocket social media. You got a favourite?

D: Erm, probably Rumplestiltskin one on my leg.

R: Fair enough lad. Cheers..



That's Dave. Departing from our Peckham branch. And off on his bike to an exotic location. But we all think he will return one day as he is a respected member of the Rocket Family. Always welcome back. Peace out mate. 


Next Rocket Rag episode coming soon.

Social media alerts will come your way..


Take it easy until then,
Rocket x


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