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- Episode 7 - KRISS

- Episode 7 - KRISS


It's that time again and this Rocket Rag episode focuses on our trusted ally Kriss from the original Hackney Road shop..  

Here's what our French comrade had to say:

RAG: Good day Kriss or bonjour. Whichever you prefer. How long have you been working with the filthy fiends down at Rocket?

KRISS: Two years and a half. It's gone by fast..


R: And what were you doing before that? 

K: Barber..

R: This could take a while. But nice answer. 

K: Barber for life.


R: Good man. Where are you from then?

K: I'm from Toulouse in the south of France. 


R: And what would you say is the best thing about Toulouse?

K: Rugby... and sausages.


R: OK. Interesting. I'm not sure if there is some kind of innuendo in there. Anyway. Moving on. So now you're in London, what is the best thing about this city for you?

K: I am not sure how to say. Multicultural. And people having open minds..


R: Agreed. So let's talk more about your talent. How long have you been a barber in total?

K: 22 years. 

R: No way. Didn't expect that kind of answer. Wait, so how old are you then?

K: I'm 38. Next month... 39.

R: You're nearly f***ing 40! That's the most surprising thing I've heard all day. Well you look very well indeed. Must be because you enjoy your job so much..

K: Most days. Haha. But it is really cool working here.. That's the truth.

R: And for our readers, 'here' means Rocket on Hackney Road. When did you first get the job at this joint then?

K: Well I did my trial on MY chair. And I'm still on the same chair. Guess they liked what they saw. I have never moved since that day..

R: So away from Rocket and your beloved chair, what else do you spend your time doing? You always roll up on some kind of slick transport..

K: Yeah I ride my fixed gear bike to work and I used to skateboard a lot. I am really into graphic design too. But most of my time is spent with my son. He is 7 years old now and he normally chooses how I spend my free time. 

R: We hear you. How would you sum up why you have chosen to stay with Rocket then for all this time? Surely not just because you like that chair of yours so much..

K: I do love that chair. Right this has been said before but.. I don't know.. Rocket is like a family. We work in a big like.. gang, you know. Everyone is there to help everyone. It's more than a barbershop.

R: Well, that has been said before by a fair few so I guess it must be true.. 

R: Merci Kriss..

K: Merci.


There you have it. Rocket Kriss. Who serves up killer fades by the way so drop by the Hackney Road shop for a chop and your paths may cross..


The next Rag episode will feature another Rocket favourite. We will let you know as usual on our social media..


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