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- Episode 6 - JOSH

- Episode 6 - JOSH

The Rocket Rag is back and this episode focuses on Walthamstow stalwart Josh

After initially working at our Hackney Road shop, he is now over handling business at our E17 Rocket..


Here's what he had to say:


RAG: Yes Josh. So how long have you been one of the Rocket Barbers?

JOSH: Coming up to around 12 months now. Since September last year I have been part of Rocket...


R: And now you are here at the Walthamstow shop after being at Hackney Road. What do you think is different?

J: The people in the Walthamstow shop are a lot cooler than the Hackney Road lot! Here they actually get my sense of humour. But being serious, we have a real laugh in every shop. That goes without saying..





R: So you like the new shop here in E17 but sometimes there seems to be controversy over who chooses the music?

J: Yeah all the time man. Nobody likes listening to dub music in here you know. They don't know what they're missing..


R: Well you can't have everything. When did you first get in to the barber game then mate?

J: I started hairdressing as a Saturday Boy when I was 14 and then I became fully qualified when I was 18. And I'm 27 now so you do the math because I'm hopeless at it.



R: Well safe to say it's a fair amount of time already. So you think you will be in this game for the long haul then?

J: Yeah for the rest of my life. I love it. I wake up in the morning wanting to come to work here.

R: Excellent. That's what we like to hear. That's the best way to be. And what is it about being a barber that you think is good for you?

J: Erm. Doing something that I find really creative and I get to meet people from all walks of life, you know, it's cool to meet all different kinds of people and get along.


R: 100%. Excellent man. So we know you arrive on your skateboard to work. Away from the barbershop, what else do you mainly get up to? 

J: Absolutely no comment.


So there you have it. Walthamstow Josh. He is on Instagram as: @yoshie_barber

You can see him and the other Rocket Barbers on our own social media pages too, which are updated daily. 





Next episode of The Rag to follow soon...   


Rocket x


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