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- Episode 5 - SPENCER

- Episode 5 - SPENCER

Welcome back to the Rocket Rag online..

For this edition, we ventured down to the southern pastures of Peckham Rye to chat to our man Spencer aka Flash Harry..

Rag: Good day to you sir. Looking sharp with your new short trim..

Spencer: Thought I'd change things up for the summer time.


R: You must be glad that although you are the oldest member of the Rocket Peckham team you're also the only one with any hair..


S: I've got the hair but they've got definitely got some nice hats!




R: Can't argue with that. So along with Robbie, you are an original member of our Peckham shop right?

S: Yeah started up here a year ago, which was a good time really as the shop just opened and wasn't super busy so gave me and Robbie a good chance to get to know each other and kit out the shop a bit..

 R: Your accent suggests you are from not too far away. Whereabouts exactly?

S: I was born in Kent in a place called Sandwich which is near another place called Ham. So I lived in a village between Ham and Sandwich. When I tell most people that they tell me to 'f*** off!'. But it's true. I even have a little poster..

R: Do you think you will be around Peckham for quite a while then?

S:  Yeah my boy starts school in September. He is 4 now. I like the area. I moved to London from Ham Sandwich and met my partner, had our little boy so quite settled round here now to be honest.

R: And your nickname is derived from your little lad who pops in now and again for a fresh cut..
S: Yeah I chose Flash Harry for my Instagram referring to the character in the St. Trinians films who also played Arthur Daley in Minder. Couple of favourite characters of mine..



















R: With that type of reference we can tell you are a venerable veteran compared to some of the younger Rocket hoodlums. So your family must take a lot of your time. What do you mainly get up to away from the shop?




S: Day trips away, family events and gatherings and always look forward to going south east to the coast to see my Mum who lives that way. And meals out with mates especially around Peckham Rye where lots of great spots keep popping up..


R: All sounds very positive. So to sum up this little chat, how would you describe your time working at Rocket?

S: Quote coming in: "madness, madness, they call it madness". All of the people I work with, it definitely seems like I've known them a lot lot longer than I have. And that's definitely not easy to find..

 You can follow the Rocket Barbers on Instagram. Spencer can be found @flash_harry

Try and drop by the Peckham shop if you are in the area:

80 Peckham Rye SE15 4HA    02072776126


Episode 6 will be on the way soon and we will mention on the ole social media as always..

Until next time,

Rocket x








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