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- Episode 16 - LAURA+STEF

- Episode 16 - LAURA+STEF


It's the first 'Rocket Rag' of 2018 and this episode is a tag team effort featuring two of Peckham's finest mop choppers.. It's Laura & Stef.. 


ROCKET: Yo yo.. It's good to catch up with you both. So first things first ladies.. When did you start barbering?

LAURA: For me it was about 4 years ago.

STEF: I started barbering about 2 years ago but been in the industry for about 17 years!

R: 17 years. Decent shift. So we are pleased to have you on board with us now at Rocket. Especially considering the other hoodlum barbers down in Peckham.. What would you say is different to working in this shop compared to other places you've worked?

L: It's much more fun. Much more relaxed.. and the clientele is varied so we get to do a lot of different cuts so that's really cool.

R: But your workmates are not so cool right?

L: Yeah I agree. Except for Stef obviously.. but as for the other three..

R: That seems to be the only downside then.. and what do you think Miss Stef? You can be honest you know..

S: I really like it here at Rocket as the customers are cool. Everyone is friendly. It's stress-free. And we have great Christmas parties!

R: Agreed. So going back to your team mates.. Let's start with Robbie the Bossman! Obviously a cool character.. we know he's a proper top manager.. Any annoying traits?

L: Well I'd just like to say he really is an amazing manager yes and I can't really fault him in any way but he does like to put Simply Red on now and again!

R: Didn't know that..

S: Well first of all Robbie has been my friend before being the boss.. so I know quite a bit more about him than the others! He is such a great friend and a great boss.. but sometimes he forgets when I've asked for a day off.. so I like to try and help him out organising our rota..

R: Seems fair. What about Mr Danny Woodlands.. Apart from his absolutely incredible range of woolly hats of course.. some that he must've stolen off a local burglar..

L: Erm... haha. 

S: He's a really cool workmate and looks after us.. but can be a little moody. Maybe it's because Chelsea aren't gonna win the league this year. Maybe that's it...

L: Yeah and he takes too many photos of us and himself..

and he whistles too much! In his Christmas card I put "you're annoying and you make me laugh". That sums it up I reckon..

R: Controversial stuff. Hope this doesn't start a big barbershop beef. So last but certainly not least.. What about Spence?

L: Aah.. we love Spence. Can't knock Spence. 

R: He is a legendary figure..

S: Cracks me up with his little jokes.

R: We haven't heard many..

L: He looks after us both here. Like a Dad. Can't knock Spence!

R: We agree. You're lucky ladies really, working with these young bucks.. And to finish in style... Stef please describe Laura in one word..

S: I need two.. Bit loud!

R: And Laura.. What about Stef?

L: That's quite difficult man.. Unique..

S: What a compliment..

R: And how about describing Rocket in a word?

L: Home.

S: Ditto.

R: Well.. got a bit emotional at the end there.. cheers girls! Even after all thats been said, I'm sure the rest of the team still love you dearly..

There we have it for another copy of 'The Rag'...

And another episode is on the way real soon so stay tuned..

Rocket x

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