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- Episode 14 - JAMES

Welcome back to The Rag..

This episode focuses on Stokey manager Mr James Morgan aka Mo aka @moeychops

RAG: So we're here with Stokey Mo. Alright mate. First of all, how long have you been at the Stoke Newington shop?

JAMES: Just under two years.

R: And were you barbering before that?

J: Yeah so I moved to London three years ago and then worked for a company in Bethnal Green, actually close to the first shop (Rocket Hackney Road). And then got the opportunity to work here and couldn't pass it up. Simple as that.

R: Now some of the barbers in our family have been choppin' for a little bit longer. What were you up to before this?

J: Well no, I mean I've been cutting hair for about 4 and a half years. I started out in a gentleman's whiskey bar / barbershop in Cheltenham. 

R: That sounds interesting..

J: Yeah it was good. Enjoyed it. And before that I was a welder, working for a company that used to make MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and gym equipment. We used to travel all over the country setting up cages at all big live shows and yeah it was good fun. Good fun. 

R: So you've visited some of the other Rocket shops and this one here in Stokey is obviously a really popular spot even though there are some other competitors nearby with probably more arriving in the future. What do you think makes this shop a winner with the locals?

J: We have as a company been around for I think around 6 years so it's now a household name in East London. People know that if they are willing to wait for say sometimes an hour then they are definitely going to get a good amount of time spent on them when they have their hair cut. I think it's complete value for money when you are getting a say 30-40 minute service. Everyone here has a lot of experience. A lot of us come from hairdressing backgrounds initially so have different skills and I just think we have a really nice team situation here. And it's a proper chilled atmosphere which is obviously important for customers when they are spending a bit of time in here.

R: Music is also a big part of the Rocket shops. And you could say each shop has kind of it's own musical style in some ways. What would you say is the style of music you associate with this shop? In your opinion..

J: Well I guess a mix between old-school hip hop, trip hop and, not so much rockabilly, I'd say, just hip hop and other very relaxed music. Nothin' too stressful.

R: And music is also a big part of both barbers and customer's lives outside of the shop too of course. I know you yourself get to a few gigs now and then. So what are some of the big hitters you've been to recently?

J: Went to see Korn and Limp Bizkit. At Wembley. And then at the complete other end of the spectrum, my mate got free tickets to go and see Drake so did that a few weeks back. And Bonobo the weekend before that..

R: Quite an eclectic mix there. And being a very creative soul, you have somewhat of a secretive special project going on in your spare time. Care to elaborate?

J: So since I was little, I've always been a big fan of Lego. Trying to make things and buildings from scratch has always interested me so I decided to do a miniature scale Rocket Barbershop. I've got each person a mini figure to represent them and draw on tattoos and all that. 

R: Tattoos are one way to distinguish the Lego Rocket Barbers. Any other ideas of how we know who is who?

J: Well we know that Joe has very little hair so he will just have a plain Lego head with just a smile and nothing else. Quite easy. Clemente is gonna look like a robber because of his signature hat. For Lore, I managed to get my hands on some pretty wild Lego hair and will make her a little bit shorter than everyone else as well. Can't say much for Nik as he's a bit of a blank book. And then save the best til last. Haven't done me yet though.

R: Well then.. guess all will be revealed..

You can keep an eye out for more news about the Lego Stoke Newington shop and the real one on our social media.


Next edition of The Rag will be along shortly..

Thank you from all at Rocket for tuning in..


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