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- Episode 13 - YANIS

- Episode 13 - YANIS

We head down to ole Hackney Road for this episode and to get the lowdown on one of the newest members of the Rocket Mob: Yanis the Greek..

Already a Rocket favourite. So we asked him about a few things and this is how it turned out:

RAG: Hello Yanis. First of all do you have any nicknames at all? As we've heard you being called a couple of things around the shop.

YANIS: Hello there. So yeah my actual name is Yanis. But people normally call me The Greco. Or The Greek..

R: Or Erazorhead. Or The Peacemaker.

Y: Yeah they are true.. @erazorhead is my Instagram name. And Neil the Boss let me have his custom-made baseball bat next to my station. I reckon it's from his childhood. I saw it wandering around the shop so I thought it would be a good idea to nail it to the wall for all to see. So any trouble in here, I will Make the Peace for sure.

R: Fair enough brother. Now when the customers first meet you, one of the first things they will see is your tattoos. They are pretty unique. What's the story about all these ladies on your body?

Y: Well I have always had this thing about noir cinema and all those good times. You know the 30s, the 20s or the 50s / 60s etc. So you know the ladies represent, how to say, the old school lovely hair and style they all used to seem to have.

R: Yeah yeah. And any examples of these lovely ladies that you talk of?

Y: Well I've always been a Rita Hayworth fan. And I love my Ava Gardner. And obviously my Marilyn Monroe. But more or less all of them were lovely man.

R: Well we can't disagree with any of that. Now, you live quite close to the Hackney shop. How long have you been in this fine city for?

Y: Well I've been in London for, let me see, one year and a half so far. And altogether, in total, 4 years in England.

R:  Interesting. Most people seem to move to the capital city when they first get here. Where else did you live then pal?

Y: I used to live in Crawley, the small little town just next to Gatwick Airport.

R: May we ask why? 

Y: That's a funny story that wasn't so funny for me at the time. So I was heading over here and I had a friend who had a friend who had a barbershop and you know how these things go. First job and you are just trying to grab the first chance that becomes available. 

R: Definitely. And then you found yourself living near an airport. Did it get noisy at night?

Y: Ha. Not really actually as I was not super close to the planes and this is a quiet little town so I got some good sleeps in before I moved here.

R: Well now you are part of the Hackney Road Family. Can you tell us your personal perception of Rocket?

Y: Well I am definitely not the guy to sit here and speak the same old bullsh*t about, you know, how good it is to work here and all that. All of the things I want to say is that in this barbershop I'm just myself you know. Everything I am, and everything I wanted to be as a barber and basically if I ever had my own shop I would want it to be like this place for sure. So yeah it's like home for me now and not really like a workplace.

R: And talking of home, where were you born and raised?

Y:  I was born in Athens.

R: And if any of our readers like me haven't been lucky enough to visit Athens what could they expect?

Y: Well as you know a sh*tload of history, a great nightlife and definitely some funky people..

R: Excellent. So you have not been with Rocket as long as some of our veterans but you still seem to appreciate the whole family here. For example, you went up to Walthamstow recently to get a fade the other week from Stefano. And at our Christmas party recently with all of us together, can you tell us the medal you got at the Rocket Awards? 

Y: Well I have to blame Kriss (the Hackney Road manager) for this as he says I don't have enough time for a girlfriend, or two or three as I got award of 'The Barber Who Spends The Most Time In Front Of The Mirror But Still His Hair Always Looks Like Shit'. Not too over the moon with that one..

This was our 13th episode of the online Rag so try and check out the previous ones if you get chance..

All the links are on the website in the 'Rocket Rag Online' section.

We really appreciate any of your time reading about and getting to know your barbers just a little bit more..


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