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- Episode 4 - SIMONA

- Episode 4 - SIMONA
This episode of The Rag online catches up with Rocket favourite and new edition to the Hackney Road team: Simona










The Rag journeyed down to the original shop to have a little chat and see what she had to say:


Rag: So Simona, you are not from this neck of the woods. Where are you from originally?

Simona: Yeah I am another one of the Italians in the Rocket family. I am from Torino which I am very proud of.. 

R: Well good to have you here in London with us. Why did you choose to cut mens hair then?
S: It is good to be here for sure. I chose to be a barber basically because I couldn't stand cutting women's hair anymore! Men are much easier to deal with..

 R: Fair enough. Very honest answer! So you just moved from the Rocket in Stokey to our Hackney Road branch. What's different?

S: I liked being in Stokey but at Hackney Road it's more close knit in some ways. I guess because of the size of the shop. And there are more Italians here! But I have good friendships with most of the people I work with at Rocket so don't really call them 'workmates'. I do really miss Lore at Stokey though. She is one of my best friends at Rocket and always enjoyed working with her and learning some bad words in Spanish..





 R: So what do you make of London away from the barbershop?

S: I chose London because this city has a certain magic you know. It is perfect for people with a bit of craziness like me. It is full of things to do, full of good parties and full of opportunities for everything.

R: And we must mention your tattoos as they make you quite distinctive. Do you have a favourite one?

S: I got lots of tattoos all over my body and I am definitely addicted I'd say. I don't really have a favourite one. I love them all and I think I will cover my whole body eventually for sure.

 R:  Well you are making good progress with that. So last question: what has been your best moment at Rocket?
S: To work initially with the crazy bosses Steve and Neil. When I first moved here I guess they taught me a bit about British humour which I needed. I guess you need to be a little bit different in life to stand out and I can totally be myself at Rocket.


So there you have it. A few snippets from Rocket Simona. Be sure to pop down to the Hackney Road shop to have a chat if you haven't been in a while...

> 401 Hackney Road    02076131604



That is it for Episode 4 but next time we will be catching up with top man Spencer (aka Flash Harry) down at Rocket Peckham for a good ole chinwag..

We will notify you on social media about the next edition so stay tuned,

Rocket x





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