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- Episode 2 - ANGE

- Episode 2 - ANGE

Thanks for tuning in to the Rocket Rag online edition. This week we will be profiling another renowned member of the Rocket Family and one of our original comrades, Ange.

If you haven’t seen her in a while it’s because Ange is now in partnership with us at our newly opened Walthamstow branch...

The Rocket Rag popped down to the E17 shop for a good ole catch up:


Rag: Good to see you Ange as always. So you are from London originally right?




Ange: Yep. East London born and bred in Forest Gate, then moved to Shoreditch when was 14 before it was all nice and shiny…



R: And how long have you been working for the Rocket Family?

A: Since about a year after the original Hackney Road shop opened. Back in the wild old days, so about 4 years... 




R: What appealed to you about working at Rocket ahead of all the other barber shops in the Big Smoke?

A: Do you know what it was? I worked in a shop before and I was cutting this guy’s hair and I said to him “Where did you get your last haircut?” he explained there was this shop on Hackney Road and the cut was next level! So I drove past it to see what this place was and later on I just walked in and asked “Are there any jobs going?”. Luckily they were getting busy as it was pretty much the only barber shop in East London at the time so they said yes.

R: Excellent. So now you’ve gone into business with Rocket founders Neil and Steve in opening the Walthamstow branch. How is it different from the original Hackney Road shop?

A: It is different because I’ve tried to put my spin on it but it still has all the qualities of the original shop: still like you’re just rocking up with your mates to cut hair. It's not like an effort to go to work. And you go in already laughing because you don't know what will happen or who will pop in... 

R: So a lot of people may think when opening a shop you have financial backing and stuff. I know Neil and Steve had to make certain lifestyle adjustments - like changing from quilted toilet paper to regular, then to newspaper apparently. Has it been equally as tough?

A: Yeah it has been tough at times. Sometimes financially but the biggest lifestyle adjustment was making time for my daughter as well as being at the shop. Juggling everything and still making it home for bedtime was hard in the beginning! 

They also mentioned Rocket is their baby and they expanded with you because they truly believed in you on a professional and personal level... So why would you decide to go in to business with these two buffoons?

A: I ask myself this every day! Only joking. To be honest and not to make it sound like a complete fairytale, it all kind of happened quite naturally. I got on with the boys really well from the beginning and it never really felt like they were 'bosses' and going into business with them still just kind of feels like your mates have helped you out with opening your shop! We just call each other up every now and again and check in.....


R: Cool. So away from the shop, you are the owner of the official Rocket mascot, Sushi the French bulldog. And as you mentioned, proud mother of little Zuri.

How are they both getting on?




A: Sushi is all good and still drops by the shop from time to time expecting everyone to make a fuss. And Zuri... she'll always be the first Rocket baby but she's nearly two now and her and Sushi are the best of mates.


R: Now with the warm weather nearly upon us, any plans for the Walthamstow shop in the near future?

A: We have a big area out the back so plan to set up a BBQ pit    (Note: Rocket BBQs are pretty infamous). We also have interest from local businesses about possible collaborations so maybe a pop-up or two in the near future. A few things in the pipeline. Watch this space… 








Exciting times indeed for Rocket Walthamstow, which is going from strength to strength.

So if you haven’t paid a visit yet try and pop in…

Address is: 611 Forest Road, E17 4PP





The Rag Episode 3 is now in progress.

We will let you know when it’s ready as always via our social media...

Thanks for tuning in,




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